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Mite/House Coordinator Position Opening


DYHA / GSW is seeking a Coordinator for the Mite/House levels of the organization. This role will report directly to the Director of Hockey Operations and will work closely with the Coaching Director. This is a part time position that will be compensated based on experience and ability. Interested applicants should submit a resume and/or cover letter for review by the Board of Directors.  



  • Serve as a resource for all mite and house league players and families, but especially focusing attention on players and families that are new to our organization and to the game of hockey. 
  • Ensure that families understand how to utilize the web based tools and scheduling platforms that the organization and other leagues utilize. Provide assistance to those that are having trouble. 
  • Chair the Heyliger Tournament Committee to include reaching out to other organizations and booking teams as well as working with the Director of Hockey Operations to schedule teams/games
  • Assist in transitioning families from first shift to house league and from house to travel
  • Provide assistance and consultation with all house & mite coaches in order to carry out organization goals in regards to development of individual players as well as teams as a whole.
  • Provide resource and training for coaches and volunteers on equipment. IE; mighty boards, tablet use, shooter tutors, etc.
  • Provide assistance to Mike Young, Hockey Operations Director, to include but not limited to USA Hockey Coaching Certification requirements, scheduling of games, tournaments and practices, coordination with skills providers and identifying coaching needs throughout the season (August-mid March).
  • Serve as a liaison between the Board of Directors and house & mite coaches including but not limited to communications regarding policy, newly enacted policy, disciplinary actions and any information that needs to be distributed to coaches and families throughout the season.
  • Expected to observe a number of games and practices and provide feedback to coaches where applicable to improve efficiency and use of ice time. The Coordinator should be prepared to assist coaches with practice plans, be able to discuss skills progressions, in-game coaching and strategy.
  • The Coordinator is expected to hold a “Pre-Season Meeting” with all coaches to explain their role as well as any league rules, organization policy, disciplinary reporting, scheduling, and communication to parents.
  • The Coordinator is expected to have informal communications with individual coaches throughout the season to evaluate development of players and respective coaches as needed and identified.
  • It is expected that the position will require an average of 8-10 hours per week of time spent performing the duties and responsibilities described above. This average would likely be expected at the beginning of the season (September-December) with less time per week being needed once a majority of the duties as described above have already been executed.
  • It is expected that the Coordinator will attend all Board of Directors meetings in the months of August through January, and provide reports to the Board of Directors for the remaining meetings in February through March including any evaluations in the month of April.