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Travel Scholarship Information

By Stacey MacKinnon, 09/18/14, 6:45PM EDT


Last spring, the DYHA board of directors approved a budget that includes limited scholarships for travel players. During the next month, the following four types of scholarships may be awarded, provided we have applicants for each:

Kathleen and Fred Gilpatrick Bingo Volunteer Scholarship
Kathy Gilpatrick is the original and current DYHA Bingo Coordinator, She and her husband Fred have been instrumental in creating this incredible fundraising arm of the DYHA organization. Prior to her involvement in Bingo, Kathy was a DYHA board member, serving as treasurer and making her name as Dover Hockey’s most effective fundraising coordinator. Gilpatrick Scholarships of up to $400 may be awarded to current Dover Youth Hockey Bingo volunteers to help further reduce their tuition obligations.

McNulty Sibling Scholarships
Pat McNulty was a longtime member and president of DYHA who was instrumental in developing our house and travel programs. Pat was also the original driving force behind creating the Dover Youth Hockey Bingo fundraising program, which helps control costs for all members. Pat and his wife Lorraine raised two children who both played travel and high school hockey. They know what it means to have two children enrolled in travel hockey at the same time, and the time and financial demands placed on a family by two children’s hockey commitments. Pat currently works for the City of Dover. Both Pat and Lorraine McNulty have been named honorary members of DYHA by the Dover Youth Hockey board of directors. McNulty Sibling Scholarships will be awarded to children of families with more than one child playing travel hockey. Amounts may vary depending on need and the resources available.

Robert “Pops” Higgins Scholarships
A Higgins Scholarship will award between $250 and $1000 to families in need to help reduce the cost of travel hockey. A lifelong hockey fan, Bob Higgins has been a fixture as a volunteer at Dover Youth Hockey Bingo for more than a decade. During that time, he has quietly helped many families manage the cost of hockey. Bob’s greatest hope is that all children are able to experience the great game of hockey, regardless of their families’ circumstances. Bob Higgins has been named an honorary member of DYHA by the Dover Youth Hockey Board of Directors.

Frederick Catalfo Referee Scholarship
Freddy Catalfo is well known to anyone who has ever spent time at Dover Arena. In addition to working the front desk and as a referee, Freddy has worked as DYHA’s referee scheduler for many years. Freddy Catalfo has been named an honorary member of DYHA by the Dover Youth Hockey board of directors. One Catalfo Scholarship of $200 will be awarded each year to a travel hockey player who is also a USAHockey certified referee. This award will be made in the form of travel tuition reduction in recognition of the additional investment young referees make in training and referee equipment and uniforms.

If you have a travel hockey player who you believe may qualify for one of these scholarships, please send an email response to WE ARE NOT looking for your income or financial details, except for that infomation you chose to furnish. What we DO want is a brief description of your player and the relevant details by which he or she qualifies for one of the above scholarships (e.g., you are a Bingo volunteer, your family has siblings playing hockey, your child is a certified referee, or your family simply has financial need. Any information you can give that will help our scholarship committee consider your request is welcome.

All responses must be received by August 31. Awards will be determined by mid-September. Scholarship amounts will be credited to account balances.