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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

The Association does not want to put any Coach, Player, or Parent in a situation where they do not feel safe driving to a game or practice. The rule of thumb as to whether a game or practice is cancelled is determined if the rink you are traveling to is open or closed. If the rink is open then the game or practice is still scheduled to happen. 

Under NO circumstances will a coach cancel a game or practice due to inclement weather. The final decision to play or not is the responsibility of the DYHA scheduler and the opponent’s scheduler. No coach will contact an opposing team's coach or scheduler to cancel a game. If certain procedures are not followed in canceling a game our Association can be subjected to pay a hefty fine to the other Association. This includes All League, Tournament, and Non-Conference games. All scheduling changes need to be done through the scheduler who will contact the opposing team's scheduler. Remember that it might be bad weather in our location, but the rink that your team is traveling to the weather might just be fine.

The cost of ice for all Associations is quite significant, so all efforts will be made to play a game on its scheduled date regardless of the inclement weather. The Association suggests that you should allow for additional time to travel to a game in inclement weather.

The process for communicating if a game has been cancelled due to inclement weather by the Dover Scheduler will be the following:

1. The DYHA scheduler will contact the Head Coach of the team for which the game has been cancelled. It will be the responsibility of the Head Coach to contact his players to inform them of the cancellation.

2. If possible, there will be a message posted on the front page of the Dover Youth Hockey Association Website with games or practices that have been cancelled.

3. If possible, an email will go out to all of the team members that the scheduler has an email address for in the website, to notify them of the cancellation.

4. Please do not contact the scheduler directly if you are not the Head Coach of the team to request a game to be cancelled due to inclement weather.