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Uniform Requirements

Uniform Requirements

The following are game uniform requirements.

All teams must wear matching uniform socks & jerseys.  Jerseys & socks for all players are ordered based on rosters at registration in March.  DYHA will have an additional supply of socks for purchase in the office once the season starts.  Jerseys are custom ordered as the numbers are sublimated in the fabric of the jersey.  DYHA will have an additional supply of jerseys for purchase, but these jerseys will be preassigned numbers based on what is not being used on any team.  If a player needs jerseys during the season, you will be required to purchase a new set from the DYHA supply based on the availability of size/numbers in stock.

This matching requirement also includes helmets (black) & pants/shells (black).  

Jerseys may have names on the back under two provisions:

1) All names are done via Collins Sports Center.  Names will be applied to jerseys using a removable name plate that is consistent with the look, color & fabric of the existing jersey.  Jerseys are not to have names applied using any other method.  

2) All members of the team must have name plates.